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Hello! What is your procrastination tactic? That thing you do that is productive, but you're only doing it because then you don't have to think about or do the hard thing.....the thing you're putting off! For me, it's extreme cleaning and organizing. My house is "Spring Clean." Things I've never even thought to clean before...they're spotless. All of that to say, the thing I'm putting off is telling you what's next. We were pretty pumped about our plan on Thursday. Things were coming together nicely. We had just talked to the Two Rivers Health Department and received their blessing, and a few other details were falling into place. Then, Friday came, and Two Rivers changed the directed health measure, and with that came a giant wrench in our plan. UGH!!! Que, the obsessive spring cleaning and avoidance. You probably don't need to know all of that but, the faces behind TDW are just like you. We're on the Corona emotional rollercoaster too, and we're hoping the ride is over soon!


So without further ado, here is the current plan as we know it......subject to change! We will begin uploading updated rehearsal videos. All recital dances will be finished, and teachers will upload the new content. We will do this as quickly as possible. Students should use these to learn the new content and rehearse at home at their leisure. We will hold a drive-thru costume pick-up in our parking lot, May 15th - 16th. A few costume shipments are delayed due to the pandemic. If this pertains to your dancer, we will notify you. During this time, we will also pass out the end of the year Acro Certificates of Medals. All dance classes will resume on Monday, June 1st, at their regularly scheduled time. Classes will meet for three weeks. Acro Tumbling classes will no longer meet this season. We are saddened by this but feel it is the best option at this time. We still want to present your student with their year-end certificate and medal. We will do this during our drive-thru pick up on May 15th and 16th.

Our recital "For The Record" a recital on video, will take place on June 25th - 28th at The Merryman Performing Arts Center. Each class will receive its own time slot. During this time slot, each student will have an individual picture taken. Their class will rehearse their dance on the stage in full costume, hair, and makeup. Once their teacher feels they are ready, they will perform their dance full-out with a full backdrop, lights, and music for VIDEO. This is not our customary recital. There will be only one class at a time, and only one parent per student will be allowed into the Merryman.

This is the synopsis of this plan. There are a few more details to be finalized. We will send out the full schedule and details later this week. We are in such a precarious position as a small business. Our circumstances last year at this time were drastically different than they are now. It's so hard to see our beautiful new facility sit empty. We maintain hope that we will be back dancing soon and that good things are coming.

It truly is our hope to finish out the season with our students and give them the special year-end celebration of a dance recital. Stay tuned as we release the details of "For the Record" a video recital.


Calendar of Events:

Parking Lot Drive-Thru Costume and Acro Certificate Pick - Up Friday, May 15th, 3:00 pm - 6:00pm Saturday, May 16th, 9:00 am - 12:00pm Classes Resume for three weeks: Monday, June 1st - Friday, June 19th For the Record, A Video Recital: Thursday, June 25th - Sunday, June 28th

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