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Punch Card

Create your very own summer schedule with a TDW punch card! 


If you are a 2nd - 12th-grade dancer, the TDW Punch Card is for you! Each week you can choose from up to twelve classes. The TDW Punch Card's flexibility is the perfect addition to your summer schedule. Drop into classes when it works for you! Classes run for five weeks giving you the option to take up to sixty classes! 


Weekly options include Turns and Leaps, Ballet, Jazz Combos, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acro, Pom, Stretch, and Open Studio. 


See the full weekly schedule HERE! 


Choose your punch card! All students must have their own punch card; punch cards cannot be shared between students. 


10 Punches = $175

20 Punches = $315

30 Punches = $425




Classes run for five weeks.

 June 26th - August 2nd

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