What we offer

Ages 2-3

Ballet & Creative Movement Combo

A great introduction to dance! Students will learn basic ballet positions and moves. As well as use props to explore new, fun, and exciting movements

1st - 12th Grade 


The foundation of all dance and is imperative for growth in all other styles of dance. Class designed for gradual and continued progress that is correct for their age. 

1st - 12th Grade 

Hip Hop

High energy and fast paced class where students learn various styles of hip hop including street dancing, break, popping, house and more!

2nd - 12th Grade 

Turns and Leaps

A class focused on improving turn and leap technique for jazz class. Students must also be enrolled in a jazz class

Ages 4-6

Ballet & Tap Combo

Students will work on mastering ballet and tap fundamentals in a creative, fun and confidence building environment!

1st - 12th Grade 


Students will learn coordination, gain rhythmic understanding and musicality in a progressive class structure

1st - 12th Grade 


A combination of ballet, jazz and lyrical. Students work on improvisation skills and expressing music through movement.

6th - 12th Grade 

Dance Team Prep

Dancers will work on building the skills required for school dance and cheer teams. Students must also be enrolled in a jazz class.

Ages 5-6

Jazz, HipHop & Pom Combo

In this high energy class students learn beginning jazz, hiphop and pom fundamentals.

1st - 12th Grade 


Students work on developing proper technique, style and performance quality. Class includes warm-up, stretch, across the floor work and short combinations

1st - 12th Grade 


Dancers will learn pom techniques, jumps, formations and combinations. Students must also be enrolled in a jazz class

3 years - 12th Grade 


The program is based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling.

The Dance Works

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