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What's Happening This Week?!?!

With so much happening in the next few weeks we're updating you with all you need to know for this upcoming week!

This week (May 16th - 19th) at TDW is the last week of tumbling and the in class tumbling exhibition! Don't forget to join your tumbler in class as they show off all that they've learned this season!

All dance classes run normally this week. It's our last week in the classroom making our final preparations for the Kids Choice Recital!

This week we will be emailing you a link to our google drive full of dance practice videos separated by day. The dancers are looking great but we know some like to get in a little extra practice at home!

You'll also see a finale practice video in the google drive. Finale is the final performance of our recitals and all students in the show participate!

Our senior level students choreographed sections of the kids choice finale and recorded the practice videos! How fun is that?! The title of the video tells you which class level it is. For example: "The Works 4 and The Works 5 Finale" is for students enrolled in The Works 4 and The Works 5. Be on the lookout for the email with a link to these early this week!


What's Next?!

  • Monday, May 16th the four ticket limit is lifted and you are able to purchase additional recital tickets.

  • Next week is dance pictures for our all of our dance students! You can read more about recital pictures right HERE!!

  • Looking for additional recital information? It's all right HERE!

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