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Ticket sales begin Monday, May 9th. We open tickets sales for one show per day. This helps make ticket sales a more straightforward process for multi-student families!

You should have already received the details of which show your dancer is in. We sent home a detailed printout. If you need a new one shoot us an email and we will send you one or print a new one!

There is a "Find Your Students Show" search feature on the ticketing website. Students names are entered directly from your portal account (the name you used when registering your dancer). If you use the search function, you must type in the student's first and last name.

Tickets are $12.00 per show. Each family will be able to purchase FOUR tickets per performance during the first week of ticket sales. After the first week, all remaining tickets will be available for purchase.

Here is a list of which show opens on which day. Ticket sales open each day at 6:00 pm. Ticket sales remain open for purchase until showtime.

Show One: Monday, May 9th

Show Two: Tuesday, May 10th

Show Three: Wednesday, May 11th

Show Four: Thursday, May 12th

Show Five: Friday, May 13th

Show Six: Saturday, May 14th

Show Seven: Saturday, May 15th

We're always happy to help should you have a question!

Happy Recital Season!!


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