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Recital ticket sales begin on Monday, May 10th! We're opening a different show each day. Once the show is open for sales it will remain open until it's performed! Opening a single show each day is to help parents who have to purchase tickets to multiple shows. That way they only think about one show at a time! This was a suggestion we got two years ago so we're trying it out! You'll notice we are not using TutuTix. They are experiencing some customer service and hosting issues and we felt it best to use a different service. We think you'll find the new website easier to navigate.

How much are Tickets?

Tickets are $8.00/piece plus tax and fees

Who needs a ticket?

Everyone who takes up a seat. If you have a child who will only sit in your lap they do not need a ticket.

Where do I purchase tickets?

Follow this link to our ticket ordering page:

How Many Tickets Can I Purchase?

There is a four-ticket per family, per show limit for the first week. After the first week and everyone has had an opportunity to purchase their tickets we will lift the four-ticket limit and the remaining tickets will be available for purchase.

When Do My Tickets Go On Sale?

Ticket sales for each show go on sale at 6:00

pm on the following dates:

Monday, May 10th: The Movement 4th - 5th Grade

Tuesday, May 11th: The Works 6 and The Movement 1st Grade

Wednesday, May 12th The Momentum 6th - 8th Grade and 9th - 12th Grade

Thursday, May 13th The Works 4, The Works 5, and The Works Boys

Friday, May 14th The Movement 2nd - 3rd Grade

Saturday, May 15th TheCO and PreCO Showcase

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