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The First Days!

Here is what to expect these first few days of dance class!

It will be a little wild around TDW the first couple of weeks of class as everyone gets acquainted with where to go!

Our studio is equipped with SIX different dance rooms. Each dance room is clearly labeled with its studio number. You can view your student's room and instructor right in the TDW Portal. You can see below that it says "Studio 4 with Emma." This means that this class takes place in studio 4 and Miss Emma is the instructor!

When you arrive for class, you will see Miss Courtney!

She works at the front desk! On a normal week, she'll be helping get students lined up to enter their classrooms, working the TDW Closet, answering phones, and MORE!

When it is time for class, instructors will welcome students into the classroom. They will help students find a spot in the room to place their bags, shoes, and other belongings. They will introduce themselves and get to know their students! Then they will be ready to dance!

When class is over, students will line up in the classroom. Their instructor or instructor's assistant will be lead them down the hallway, out the exit, and into the GREEN SQUARE. This is an area just North of the main entrance. All students will follow these exit procedures.

We encourage parents to form a carline along the East sidewalk of the mall. This allows your student to safely walk down the sidewalk to your vehicle. We're also happy to help your student enter the car as the car line progresses toward the green square.

We're not sure we've ever encountered a child pick-up situation that we've loved. Our parking lot is no exception. We think that if everyone works as a team to watch out for all children, and drives slowly and attentively through the parking lot, we can have a pick-up that is as painless as possible!


Here are links to other information you might be looking for!


We can't wait to see you this week!

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