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Hello Everyone!

We've been working the techy side of our brains this week, videoing, editing, uploading, troubleshooting.....all of the things!!

All of the content is on our website. It will require you to sign up the first time you visit.

All of the classes, choreography, music, and extras

are separated by the program: The Works, The Movement, The Momentum, Acro, and TheCO.

Once you select the appropriate program, you will have four options.

Music: All recital music is here. You will know it is your song because it will say your day, time, and song name!

Recital Choreography: Your child's teachers have prepared a video with counts and music. They can use this video to practice their recital dance! We are recording and uploading these as we record them, so if you don't see yours yet, it is coming!

Class Work: You will find videos here of technique from your child's class. We are adding new videos to this folder daily!

Extras: This is where you can find links to playlists we have created, coloring pages, and more!

Your teachers are here for you. Email us your practice footage or questions and we will respond with personal feedback just for your child!

We are missing all of our students! We hope that you use the videos to fill the dance void in your life! We have enjoyed recording them for you!

Our best!

TDW Staff

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