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SNAPSHOT: End of the year information!

Updated: May 8, 2021

We're getting into the home stretch of our 2020 - 2021 season! We will post here regularly to help you navigate all the events for the end of the season! We will also send it via text (if you're signed up to receive texts) and to your inbox. Don't forget that all of our 2021 Recital Information is located right on our website for easy access!

HERE is a little graphic will all of the upcoming dates for the end of the season at TDW!


First up is Recital Ticket sales!

The ticketing vendor we use is experiencing a high volume of events with an on-sale date the first week in May. Due to this, we pushed back the opening of our ticket sales to Monday, May 10th. We will open one show per day beginning on May 10th. We do this to help make it easier for families to purchase tickets to multiple shows. This way, they only have to think about one show at a time!

There are six different shows. Your student performs in the show that coordinates to their class level. If you aren't sure, log in to your portal and check the name of their class. The name of their class matches the name of their show!

For example, The Movement 2nd - 3rd Grade Ballet would perform in The Movement 2nd - 3rd grade show!

If you have any questions about what show your child performs in, please don't hesitate to reach out!

All ticket sales open at 6:00 pm and are purchased online. Tickets are $8.00 a piece plus taxes and fees.

Ticket sales are limited to FOUR per family per show during the first week of sales. On Thursday, May 20th, all tickets remaining will be released for purchase.

We will send the ticket ordering instructions to your email next week.

Monday, May 10th: The Movement 4th - 5th Grade

Tuesday, May 11th: The Works 6 and The Movement 1st Grade

Wednesday, May 12th The Momentum 6th - 12th Grade

Thursday, May 13th The Works 4, The Works 5, and The Works Boys

Friday, May 14th The Movement 2nd - 3rd Grade

Saturday, May 15th TheCO and PreCO Showcase

**Students enrolled in The Works 2 Creative Movement and The Works 3 Creative Movement do not need to purchase tickets for their showings.

We're always happy to answer any of your questions!


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