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Recital Snapshot 6 :: Dress Rehearsal!

This is a FULL OUT rehearsal! Hair, make-up, tights, costumes, correct undergarments, lights, facials …..the whole shebang!!

When: Arrive 10 - 15 minutes before your scheduled rehearsal

2:00 The Company Showcase

4:00 Little Dudes and Divas

6:00 The Main Show

Where: Enter into the southwest doors into the Central Elementary School Gym.

Little Dudes and Divas:

When you arrive you will find the area where your dancers group is staged.

The Works 2 and 3 will meet in the middle of the gym.

The Works 4, 5 and 5/6 have their name on a sign on the wall, with a hook and a bucket. (see image) They will place their tap or tap and jazz costume on this hook and their shoes in the bucket. After this they will meet with their group in the same area as their name tag.

Parents are allowed to watch this rehearsal from the balcony only. This will help limit distractions for the dancers. Once your dancer is done dancing they are free to leave with you. We do not provide dressing room entertainment during the Dress Rehearsal.

Main Show:

When you arrive you will find an area in the gym to hang your garment bag. We recommend bringing a laundry basket if you have a lot of costume changes. Use the laundry basket to collect your costumes, tights and accessories as you change and then re-hang everything at the end of the night. The Works 6 dancers have their name on the wall with a hook and bucket to assist with organization and costume changes. The boys dressing room is past the bathrooms, there is a sign on the door.

We will begin lining everyone up a few minutes before show time. Dancers will be allowed to watch this show from the balcony. This is a closed rehearsal and no other audience will be allowed.

We anticipate this show to be approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. Dress Rehearsal will run slightly longer as we work out the final details.

All dancers are invited to participate in the final curtain call. This takes place at the very end of the show. We will rehearse this at the end of the dress rehearsal and ask that if your child is going to participate they stay for this quick practice.

Please send your dancer with a water bottle and a healthy snack!

-TDW Staff

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