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Recital Snapshot 5 :: Tech Rehearsal

It's recital week! We start this week off with our Tech Rehearsals. These rehearsals are on the stage at the Merryman Performing Arts Center. The dancers get to practice their entrances and exits, spacing, and see the auditorium and the stage before we add in full lights, backdrops and audience!

What do you need to know for tech rehearsal?

When: The schedule is in your magazine. You can also find it here

Where: The Merryman Performing Arts Center, enter through the main doors and then take a seat in the audience. We will call your dancers class to the stage when it is their turn.

What to wear: Dancers need to wear regular dance class attire and bring their dance shoes. No costumes for this rehearsal.

Other: No tap shoes on the tile floor of the Merryman. Food and drink is allowed in the lobby area but not in the auditorium.

It's really as simple as that!

We can't wait to see everyone dancing on the stage this week!

- TDW Staff

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