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Recital Snapshot 4 : Pictures

Recital Snapshot 4: Picture Week

It's Picture week (May 20th-24th) and here is everything you need to know!


Pictures for your dancer are taken during their regular class time throughout the week! We will only be taking pictures, there will be no regular class. If you finish your pictures early, you are free to go!

The pictures will take place in Studio 1! Studio 2 has hanging racks, mirrors and chairs and will act as a dressing room for the week! Dancers are able to bring their costumes and get dressed here to avoid any possible accidents on the way! HELPFUL TIP: Get your dancer ready in a sundress, that way you can just slip on their tights and they won't mess up their hair and makeup trying to change into their costume.

Remember: NO underwear are to be worn during pictures or recital! If your dancer is in The Works 4, The Works 5, The Works 5/6, or The Works 6, they will do pictures in order of Ballet, Tap, then Jazz.


HAIR: For pictures, dancers are to wear their hair in a bun. If your dancers hair is too short for a bun, we just ask that their bangs are pulled back so we can see their beautiful face! If your dancer has a hair piece for their costume that they didn't receive, it's because we kept them behind here at the studio to give out at pictures! Our staff will help each dancer make sure they have their hair piece in the right place with the right costume. After pictures it will go home with you to have for recital! Please make sure to label EVERYTHING!

Do you want a picture with your sister or dancing family? We'd love to capture that! These pictures can be taken at any time and in any costume. Just let a staff member know and we'll get you taken care of!

Jake has been our photographer for 7 years now! His website is where you will go to order your pictures. They will be available for viewing and purchasing May 31st. The last day to order will be JULY 1ST!

Here's how to order:

Click browse and choose TDW RECITAL

Find your dance and use the password: TDWrecital

These images will be mailed directly to you!

We cannot wait to see everyone all dolled up with their biggest smiles!

If you have any questions or need help don't hesitate to let us know!

Our Best!

The Dance Works

Purchase your 2019 Recital pictures HERE!

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