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Recital Snapshot 3: TICKETS

Recital Snapshot 3: TICKETS

Tickets go on sale tomorrow Saturday, May 11th at 10:00am ONLINE and here is what you need to know.


* Did you see our last recital snapshot “What Show Is My Dancer In?!” If you need to check it out to make sure you know which show your dancer is in you can read it HERE!


This is our third year of selling reserved seating tickets online. We used to sell general admission tickets and parents would line up outside of the venue HOURS ahead of time. They would stand out in the hot sun to make sure they got the seat they wanted. Now it’s reserved seating and you can arrive minutes before the show starts and take your seat, so easy!! We truly feel that there is not a bad seat in the Merryman Performing Arts Center. You can see the stage and the dancing from every seat in the house.

Without any further ado here is our rapid fire, bullet point list of FAQ's, tips and more about buying tickets!

If you are going to watch the show from the audience you must have a ticket. If you are bringing a child to watch and they are going to sit in their own seat they need a ticket. If they are only going to sit in your lap then they do not.

This is what the screen will look like. You will click the “buy tickets” button for the show you are purchasing tickets for.

Just like when you buy tickets for a concert, it will automatically select a seat/seats for you, if you do not end up wanting that particular seat make sure to deselect that seat otherwise you will get to the checkout and wonder why you have one extra seat!

If you buy tickets in the right or left sections the seats will be odd or even numbered. Don’t worry, you won’t have bought every other seat, the seats are together.

Is your email address typed in correctly?

If you want to see an informational six minute video produced by Tututix about the ordering process you can do so HERE

If you have any questions or need help don't hesitate to let us know!

Purchase your 2019 Recital tickets HERE!

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