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Recital Snapshot 2 :: What Show Is My Dancer In?!

Recital Snapshot 2: What Show Is My Dancer In?!

We have THREE different shows! A Company Showcase, The Little Dudes and Divas and The Main Show. We have three different shows to accommodate the ages and audiences of each group of dancers. Read on to find out more about each of the shows.

**For an extra reminder of what show your dancer is in, you can check their personalized bag tag attached to their costume garment bag. You can also view the full chart of who is in what show in the magazine or RIGHT HERE.

Little Dudes and Divas: This is our one hour show starring our youngest dancers. We LOVE this adorable showcase of our tiniest stars in a time frame that suits them best!

The Dudes and Divas Show is on Saturday, June 1st at 2:00pm and Sunday, June 2nd at 2:00pm.

If your dancer is in one of the following classes they are in BOTH the Saturday and Sunday showings of The Dudes and Divas!

The Works 4

The Works 5

The Works 5/6 on Fridays at 4:15

The Works Boys

If your dancer is in one of the following classes they are in EITHER the Saturday OR Sunday showing. Please check the “What Show Is My Dancer In” chart to verify if your dancer’s class in in the Saturday or Sunday showing.

The Works 2

The Works 3

The Main Show: This is our two hour show starring our students from elementary school through high school. This show is chock-full of all styles of dance from hip hop to pointe and everything else in between! There are three showings of The Main Show. This allows the dancers a chance to perform multiple times, get good use out of their costumes and also gives plenty of opportunity for friends and family to enjoy supporting their dancer.

If your dancer is in the The Works 6 and above they are in ALL THREE showings of The Main Show.

The Company Showcase: This one hour show is to showcase our Company dancers who have competed their dances throughout the year at regional competitions. This is a free show for anyone to come and enjoy! Friday, May 31st at 5:30pm.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to stop by the front desk or shoot us an email!

Do you still need a copy of our informative Recital 2019 Magazine? Click HERE

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