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Pictures and In Studio Rehearsal Week!

It's time for photos and rehearsing!

This is a fun and easy week! Students come to class at their regularly scheduled time.

They should bring or wear their 2021 recital outfit. Upon arrival, they will be directed into Studio 6 where they can hang their belongings and start to gather with their class. Parents are welcome to come with the students but are not required. They will first have their individual photo taken. After that, they will go with their class to rehearse their dance in Studio 3. Once they have had their photo and rehearsed their dance they will be released to their parents. We do anticipate it to take all of their scheduled class time. If no parent has come inside with them they will be dismissed as usual out the North East doors under the supervision of their teacher.

Dancer's hair should be neatly in a bun, or if the hair is too short it can be styled normally with the bangs secured back so that they do not hang in the dancer's face while dancing. We are not picky about bun style, so if you wish to add anything fun to their hair such as twists, braids, etc., that is fine. We simply request it to be neat with no fly-aways and secure so it does not fall out while they're dancing! If you're unsure of how to achieve a nice bun, there are TONS of tutorials on Youtube. Here is a simple one that we like!

Make-Up for photos is optional and completely up to you! Here is a diagram to use if you're interested.

This will be a fun week and we can't wait to see everyone!!

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