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January Snapshot

Welcome back to dance!

Anyone else ready to get back to a schedule?! Everything kicks back off today, and we're ready for it!

But first, an update on our buildout progress and what's happening in the upcoming weeks at TDW.


The Big Move

We are inching closer to completion at our new location. It feels like it's moving along at the pace of a snail; in reality, it's going much faster!

It's painted and has one working urinal and sink, yay! It's missing the rest of the toilets, a front entrance, the heating and air vents, and a few other essential details.

All of those items are on schedule to be completed in the next couple of weeks. We will keep you updated on the progress, and you'll be the first to know when we will swing open the doors for the first time!

We want to add in a quick Thank You here. We know that you are driving to multiple locations in order to accommodate your childs dance schedule and we are grateful! Thank you for your support and patience as we near the final stages of this journey! Before you know it you'll be able to conveniently drop off at one location and we can't wait!


Recital Dates 2020

Here are the overarching dates for the 2020 Recitals.

Tuesday, May 26th Stage Rehearsals

Wednesday, May 27th Stage Rehearsals

Thursday, May 28th Dress Rehearsal

Friday, May 29th Performances

Saturday, May 30th Performances

Sunday, May 31st Performances

We will send out dancer specific details in the upcoming weeks. They will contain comprehensive schedules, times, and all the information you need to know!


We will leave you with this sneak peek!

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