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It's Showtime!!

It's finally here! It's time to dance!

Here's what you need to know!

  • Students should arrive 30 minutes before their showtime.

  • Arrive at Kearney High School Theatre. Dancers enter thru door 33 on the West of the building. Use the 30th avenue parking lot entrance to get to door 33.

  • Audience members will enter through door 27, slightly to the south of door 33.

  • Students should arrive with their hair and make-up already done.

  • Stop at our check-in table and get checked in.

  • Check-in staff will direct you to the assigned dressing area, where students will put on their costumes!

  • The teacher will line students up and prepare them to take the stage.

  • After performing, they will be taken back to the dressing area. TDW staff will help dancers change into their next costume or wait with them until the Finale!

  • Upon completion of the show, students will remain on the stage until they are reunited with their parents.

  • Our awesome videographer will be videoing all seven shows! You will be able to purchase a digital download of your dancer's show once they're edited and ready! We will send you all of the ordering details when it's time!

We're so excited to watch all of our dancers perform this week and we hope you are too!


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