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B - I - NGO

Grab your card and lets play!

How To Play:

1. Download the right card!

  • You can choose Acro, The Works, The Movement, The Momentum or TheCO Bingo. Choose the one that best suits your dancer or tumbler!

2. Get to work!

  • Start completing tasks on the Bingo card. A parent can cross off the tasks as they are completed.

3. What to do when you get a Bingo?

  • Take a picture or screenshot of your Bingo and send it to us in an email or tag us in a photo of your completed card on Instagram or Facebook.

4. The Prizes

  • Get a regular Bingo! and one of your teachers will post a personalized shout out just to you on our Facebook and Instagram!

  • Get a Black Out Bingo and a TDW teacher will drive by your house and slingshot a special sanitized prize onto your driveway or porch (we aren't sure about our aiming skills yet)

5. Other Details:

  • Each student can complete their own card or can be played as a team or family.

  • Deadline for submitting a completed card is Tuesday, April 14th.

  • Bingo Cards are also located in the 'Extras' Folder in TDWOnlineHub

Ready to get started?! Get your BINGO cards HERE

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