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Recital Snapshot 1 :: Class Observation and Costumes!

Getting a sneak peek at the costumes!

We're kicking off our Recital Snapshot series talking about classroom observation and costume handouts! 

Get out your phone and join us the last 15 minutes of your child's dance class May 6th - 10th. Your dancer will show their dance and you can record it for at home practice. We will also be sending home costumes this week!! Your dancer's teacher will show you the costume and explain any details, tights color, shoes etc. They can also answer any questions you have about costumes! 

Do you have a dancer who takes multiple classes in one night? No problem, you can choose to come to one class that works best for your schedule. We will record dances from all of the classes and will be able to send the recording out to you, if you wish!  

Did you know that your costumes come to you in their own garment bag, pre-labeled with your dancers name and include the required tights and any accessories? 

And there is your first Recital Snapshot!

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