Dress Code

 What to wear to class at The Dance Works!
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The Works


We recommend any color leotard with attached skirt or just a leotard for these little dancers. Dance tops and shorts are also acceptable. These dancers need black tap shoes that tie or buckle on the top. Pink leather ballet slippers and tan slip on jazz shoes


Shoes Required by class:

Mini's Combo: Ballet and Tap

Pre-Ballet: Capezio Daisy

Tap: Capezio Jr. Tyette (black)

Jazz: Capezio E-Series (caramel)




The Movement and Momentum


All Level 3 and above ballet students are required to wear a black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Hair must be worn securely in a bun.

Required Shoes: Capezio Cobra


Tap and Jazz
The Movement and Momentum

These students should wear dance shorts, capris and appropriate tops. These dancers should not wear t-shirts, athletic shorts or any clothing that would hinder their performance in class. Their hair should be pulled back neatly and securely.

Required Shoes:

Tap: Capezio Fluid Tap (black)

Jazz: Capezio E-Series (caramel)

Hip Hop
All Levels

Comfortable, easy to move in clothes and tennis shoes are the required items for this class.

All Levels

These students need to wear a unitard, leotard or dance top with shorts and capris. No t-shirts, baggy shorts or dance skirts. Their hair must be securely pulled back in a ponytail. No jewelry or hair accessories that would potentially cause injury during class.