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Covid -19 Protocols

As we continue to operate during the COVID-19 Pandemic we will abide by the following protocols as long as necessary and make changes as needed. 

We aim to be a safe space for children. They are feeling the effects of Covid-19 in so many ways. We hope that amidst the health and safety protocols, they can step into our building and dance out their worries, having a moment of normalcy in a time that is anything but normal! 

  • Students will be dropped off and greeted by TDW staff outside the main doors. All waiting areas will be closed. We kindly ask that all parents and siblings remain outside. Dancers only inside the building.​

  • Once inside, the staff will help students sanitize their hands. We will not check temperatures. We ask that you monitor your child's health and keep them home if they exhibit any symptoms or have a fever.

  • Each room will have a designated spot for every student to place their dance bag and street shoes and wait for class to begin.

  • All dance rooms have their floors grided off to allow each student their own safe space to dance.

  • Students will exit the studio by using our back hallway and meet their parents outside our north double doors.

  • Students who have a break between classes will have a designated space to wait or they are able to leave with a parent and come back.

  • Staff will sanitize bathrooms and other surfaces multiple times throughout the night.

  • Bring your own water bottle. The water bottle option for the drinking fountains will remain open, but the drinking portion will be closed.

  • TDW staff will be wearing masks. Students are not required to wear masks.

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